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Finland = Education Mecca?

August 9, 2012

OK, so we’re not Finland.  I’m fine with that; it’s too cold there anyway.  But do I envy their education system?  From what I read and as a teacher, some of it sounds really great.  It doesn’t take much searching to find out more, but to save you time the Business Insider presented these 26 facts about the Finnish education system.  So what about this system could work for us yanks?

I think before praising Finland for their high test scores we have to consider the slide that says 43% of students go on to vocational school.  It’s the remaining cream of the academic crop takes the test.  As far as I can tell, our goal here in the US is to send every student to college.  That would be nice, but it’s unrealistic.  And as I have written in a previous post, vocational work is honorable and necessary.  If the students in my class who seem skilled at a non-academic craft got to pursue and develop that skill, I think everyone, except their parents perhaps, would be happier.  And would this not increase the “love of learning” that we’re supposed to be creating?

If we could create an education environment where students  love to learn, everyone, including Finland, would be envying us.


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  1. Kaitlyn Rudy permalink

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