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Animating Physics

July 14, 2011

Just saw this site come across my screen: Automatoon.  Just wondering how I might us this.  Probably in my 9th grade class.  Could students use it to explain inertia, 2nd Law, collisions, current, alpha decay?  Probably.  I’m wondering about the learning curve, however.  Please let me know if you have any experience with this in your class.


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  1. Could kids make flip books using powerpoint instead?

  2. Sweet — thanks. I’m going to play with this. I’ve had 9th-grade physics students make flipbooks with (and a transparency printed with grid to lay over the computer screen), but this is much more sophisticated.

  3. Ah, forgive me. I see that no links are allowed; we used Benetton’s “Flipbook!”

    (“make flipbooks with…” above)

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