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Video Analysis in the Physics Classroom

July 12, 2011

To a certain extent, you can probably learn anything from YouTube.  To help, there are a couple of great, physics video analysis tools available: Tracker and Vernier’s Logger Pro.  Tracker is free.  Logger Pro is not so free, but worth the $190 (as of this writing) for the site license.  With either of these applications you can import a video and analyze the motion of an object in the video by generating tabular data, graphs, and equations — multiple representations (just like your TI graphing calc does).  Tracker has an additional advantage in that it has a pattern recognition system, which automates the data entry.  Tracker also does mathematical modeling.  (Bet that Logger Pro will make similar upgrades soon.)  I made a couple screencasts on how to use each here and here.

OK, all for now.  In my next post I’ll show you a video I found that I’m going to use in class.


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