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Great Physics Videos

July 12, 2011

I have to pause to put in a plug for Veritasium.  They have (and continue to) make a great series of videos about common misconceptions in physics.  The videos are available on YouTube too.

It may seem that they are embarrassing the people they interview, but the purpose is to expose misconceptions.  Interestingly, they have studied this and found some students tend to ignore (“Yeah, I got this.  Where’s my iPod?”) tutorial videos that present correct interpretations of physical phenomena.  As a result, student misconceptions actually get reinforced!  So Veritasium decided to specifically address common misconceptions.  What a great idea!

I hope the people in these videos are good sports about it.  Hey, I am wrong on a daily basis.  But I don’t post it to YouTube.


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  1. The May 29, 2011 post is thought provoking. As a kid, I noticed my eyes would only intentially track smoothly if I could find a “floatie” in the forground of my vision (ghost image of dust on the eye, I presume). Even then, the motion was generally downward and not really controllable as the floatie fell. I wonder if work has been done with an eye tracker to see if there are differences in tracking accleration and speed. Or, if there is a limiting frames per second in tracking motion in video where the smoothness breaks down.

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